Thursday, April 7, 2011

On this Day, God wants me to know....

So, a while back on my Facebook page, I "liked" the "On This Day God wants you to know" app. I have come to realize that God can certainly use new technology to get his messages to us. Can you imagine if the Apostles had their hand on this stuff??? (Unfortunatly, the devil has use of it too, and seems to be winning if counting the scores of the number of sites that make up the road to Hell.) But anyway...

I certainly recommend this app, and in the past few months have given me things to think about on the exact day that I needed to think about it. Today, I am told that I have a purpose, and really, there is no denying that. I feel that it is "my time" in life, that all the broken pieces of my life have all been brought back to together. In the process, I pray each day that God "uses me up!" I have never felt more whole, loved and at peace. What is up with that -- when the world around me is broken and bleeding... it is a time of Lent, to pick up our broken pieces, offer them up, and believe that God can put them back together, to make a vessel -- whole and clean to carry the water of life to His people.

I pray that God will use you up! There is no better feeling... give it all away this Lenten season.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Never Alone

I can't believe it has been almost a year since I wrote on this blog, when last year's New Year's resolution was to write each week. Ah well. Lets try it again.

Today i found this song playing on my Pandora account; it makes me think of, 1 my son and how much I love him and 2 Just how much God loves me. I will share it with you in hopes that you will sit back for a minute, before you dedicate it to someone else in your mind, close your eyes, and let it, for at least one time, be God singing to YOU.

We are Never alone. Not if we are open to the vastness of life that we can not physically see or touch. So much is around us, shaping us into who are and calling us to be so much more. That is 2011 is going to be for me. I am actually going to put my big girl panties on, and become the person that God has always called me to be and I have always been to scared to become. What is different this year, is that I have this feeling that God will bring me to that place, where it will be revealed to me; what a feeling. How different it is to live without fear. WOW, unexplainable.

Lately, I have had this feeling that God can speak through Facebook; I know! it sounds crazy. But this ap called "God Wants You to Know" has been one of the most inspirational things since I have found it. And like anyone who is trying to "become your friend" it started out saying very nice things, inspirational not too pushy...but today my message was:

"Lorraine, we believe that God wants you to know... that you are asked for very little, just the totality of your being. God demands the totality of your being. That you invest all of your Self into celebrating the glory and the preciousness of being alive right now, no holding back and saving for later."

I have been thinking about this for awhile now. Why hold back in life, I AM (well do my darndest) to give life's moments everything I got...! Trying is the most important, right?